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Which Grades? AAAA vs AAA vs AA vs A

AAAA Grade

AAAA weed is the best of the best of the rest when it comes to weed grades. AAAA marijuana is the cannabis you need in your life, it ticks all the boxes. Each bud is hand crafted and makes the quad A category only if it’s perfect. It will have fresh, thick buds and will have an overwhelming amount of trichomes. When looking for an AAAA grade strain you need to look for a variety of factors such as:

AAA Grade

What does AAA weed mean? Triple A weed is the most common cannabis strain found online and in the stores, it is considered to be the most standard strain available when it comes to weed grades. The quality is usually excellent and can be relied on when looking for a strain that will meet all your needs. AAA grade cannabis should posses many of the same qualities that AAAA cannabis does, the biggest difference in quality will comes from the buds being less dense and a discoloration can be expected, but not to the point where the colour doesn’t include any brown or tan. The THC factor do not come into play when determining the grade, it’s mainly all about how it smells, how it looks and how it tastes. Potency is a good indicator when determining the quality of the grade of cannabis, AAA cannabis will deliver maximum potency similar to Quad A, with the full effects of the THC being felt.

AA Grade

AA grade cannabis is a very common choice among tokers, particularly those who are on a budget. Commonly seen as a budget choice, AA grade gets the job done without offering the additional frills you get from the AAAA and AAA weed grades. It’s good to keep expectations to a certain level when purchasing AA grade, you may at times find a very solid AA grade strain, but more then often this grade falls under standard. AA grade comes from a lesser quality cultivated marijuana. Identifying AA grade is fairly straight forward, the colour of the buds will look a little different then the higher quality buds, with less greens and orange colours and more brown. The aroma will be another indicator as it will not have the strong pungent smell you get from the AAA and AAAA grade buds, you’ll also notice while smoking the double A buds that the ash will become darker as your smoke. AA grade is a great budget option and a common choice, but when you purchase AA there is always going to be a dip in quality. When buying AA grad cannabis you get what you pay for.

A Grade

Single A grade cannabis is truly for the penny pinchers out there, strains that fall under the category of A grade cannabis are sometimes better used for making things like edibles and Cannabis extracts then smoking. Most cannabis distributors won’t even sell grade A ,mainly selling it as a bag of shake as a wholesale option. If grade A is an option that you are considering, it’s recommended you opt for less in quantity to get more in quality from either AA grade or higher. The prices are definitely worth it if you’re looking for cannabis to brew up a batch of brownies or create an extract, but for smoking you will definitely be getting what you pay for.


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